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Come on, admit it, you love cake! You’re in good company, because just about everyone else does too! Well, now’s the time to enjoy a new treat that was baked just for you. I’ve taken three important components of my coaching sessions and created a delicious “COSMIC CAKE” that I know you’ll love!

Cosmic Cake

During your one-hour recorded session we’ll discuss: your personal birth path number, your sun sign (a.k.a. zodiac sign), and your personal year. You’ll not only learn what each of these special things are, you’ll also learn all about the strong influence they have on your life and how each of these ingredients add flavor to everything you do! Click below to book your three-layer session…I can’t wait to share this with you! 🙂

How Much Does It Cost?

  • One-hour Cosmic Cake Coaching with me is $30
  • One-hour Career or Divine Lens Intuitive Coaching with me is $175
  • Interested in more than one session? Purchase my Bounce Back Better Coaching Package and you’ll receive three, one-hour sessions of your choice for $475

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