Live The Life You Were Born To Live

What Is “Career Intuitive Coaching?”

Career Intuitive Coaching is a unique and holistic coaching method to help you discover your true life’s work — what you were born to do.

By uniting the guidance accessible from intuition with the clues that lie in your birth date, Career Intuitive Coaching can reveal your true life mission and provide direction for how to pursue it.

Author and intuitive Sue Frederick developed Career Intuitive Coaching.

Is “Career Intuitive Coaching” For Me?

Career Intuitive Coaching is a good fit for you if:

  • traditional career and life coaching methods have not given you the results you’re looking for
  • you believe in harnessing both rational and intuitive sources of knowledge and truth
  • you crave for spiritual guidance in your career, vocation, and life purpose

How Does A “Career Intuitive Coaching” Session Work?

When you book a Career Intuitive Coaching session with me, I will ask for your full name and date of birth. We will make an appointment to do the coaching on the phone.

Before the session, I will spend time laying the groundwork for our coaching session by meditating on the information you’ve given.

During our one-hour phone call, you will receive intuitive guidance and insight on your:

  • birth-path number
  • current personal year and nine-year reinvention cycles
  • personal mission statement


You will:

  • meet a forgotten or undiscovered part of yourself (reconnect with your true, inner self)
  • unveil your mission in life (rediscover forgotten dreams and learn what your God-given talents and gifts are for)
  • learn how the most painful parts of your life are actually the fuel for your greatest life work (everything happens for a reason)
  • get empowered to overcome self-doubt and fear (remove the obstacles between you and your happiness)
  • receive an amazingly doable action plan to live out your life purpose (think of it as a road map to your authentic life journey)

After the session, you will receive an mp3 recording of our call, so you can listen again and again, at your convenience.